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Hello everyone!

This is my very first post in this blog so this calls for a self-introduction. My name is Felicia (my friends call me Felly) and I am your very mind-numbing company executive who works every Mondays to Fridays from 9 to 630pm. Well, I believe my personality isn’t very mind-numbing, but my job is. :-D  I look for every opportunity to do something new so that I could at least lie to myself that I am doing something about my life. Okay, I’m kidding. You could say that I am still looking for the reason I am brought into this world, learning about myself on the way, and finding my passion.

I am from Singapore. I am a craze learner. I am a person with a lot of interest (one too many). From martial arts to diving to Language etc. Sometimes I get very enthusiastic about the new things I want to learn that caused me to be too busy to spare some time for people around me. Sometimes I just love staying home because alone time is very important to me. There are several skills that I have learnt but I have stopped practising them and most of them have become part of my life experience. I stopped them because I have moved on to other skills that I wish to acquire and I have dropped them after much consideration. I enjoyed all of my experiences I have had and I hope that there are many more of such experience in the years to come.

My writing style would be towards speech in written sentences (like I am talking to you). Although I have studied the Japanese Language since 2005, I hardly have any chance to practise the Language, and I am not very confident with my Japanese writing. I will try my best to put in a short version of my post in Japanese. I will find time to write as often as I can, perhaps more in English because I need a lot more time to translate them to Japanese. I will deploy as many medium to assist me in my writing as I believe a picture speaks a thousand words. I wouldn’t say that my English is excellent, but I will try my best to provide helpful conversational English phrases you could use.

For this blog, I will post things I have discovered which I would like to share with everyone else, as well as some little events that is happening around my life. From my food to travel to hobbies, or it could be anything under the sun. If you have any information you would like me to post about, feel free to let me know and I will find what I can to share with you here.

I guess this conclude the post for self introduction. I am very glad to welcome you, who spontaneously found out my blog on the vast world of the internet. I hope you enjoy reading my post. Stay tuned.


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